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Diaper Bag Essentials

I am finally at the place in motherhood where my diaper bag is getting smaller and smaller! With only one little one left in diapers I am quickly approaching the diaper-bag-less stage in my life. After 4 little ones I can safely say that I’ve learned what is necessary in a diaper bag, and what is just taking up space and making the bag heavier than it needs to be. Diaper bag needs fluctuate depending on baby’s age and stage, but this will give you a general idea of some things that I loved (and still love) to have handy. Clothing -A spare outfit I love KYTE baby essentials. They are incredibly soft and comfortable but they are lightweight and can fold up really small so they are great for storing in a diaper bag. -Swaddle I love the stretchy lightweight swaddles. These swaddles from Copper Pearl quickly became a household favorite and once I discovered them, I never bought another swaddle again. -Wet bag Anytime baby had a blowout or lots of spit up, having a wet bag in our diaper bag was always incredibly helpful! I usually kept the clean outfit inside the bag which was handy if I needed a quick outfit change. Feeding Time -Bottles

My kids loved the Comotomo bottles, and I loved how lightweight they are. The silicone structure makes them easily collapsible if I need a little extra room inside the bag as well. -Formula dispenser For formula mamas, I loved having an option to have pre-portioned measurements of formula for bottles on the go. Having a container to separate the formula prevented me from having to lug around an entire canister of formula. -Burp Cloths These muslin burp cloths are the absolute best! They are super absorbent and lightweight (once again making storing and lugging really simple) -Bandana Bibs These bibs were some of my favorite. I had some notorious droolers on my hands, so having bibs that were absorbent, functional, but also cute were always on the top of my list. -Collapsible snack cup When your little ones are able to do snacks, these collapsible snack cups are the BEST to have on the go.

Diapering -Diaper Cream Any diaper cream of your choice is always a good idea to have on hand! -Wipes Same with wipes! I love some version of water wipes or Pampers Pure. They are soft and great for not only little bottoms, but wiping down faces, fingers, and sticky surfaces. -Changing pad These are great when changing stations are less than comfy (or clean).

Other Items -Paci case Having an extra paci on hand in case one drops to the floor is a great idea. Having a designated case is an even better idea! This clips to the strap or outside of the bag for quick and easy access. -Portable charger

Last thing I want while I’m on the go with baby is to not have a charged phone. Whether it is access to my camera roll to snap cute photos and videos of baby, my GPS for running errands, or being able to make a call in case of emergency, having some way to charge my phone was (and still is) super important.

Check out my full list of recommended products on Amazon HERE.

Anything I’m forgetting? Let me know what your must-have diaper bag items are!

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