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Why You Should Hire a Lifetime Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Lifetime PhotographerGuest Blog by HJ Intern Rachel Redman

Choosing someone to take your engagement photos is a big step in your wedding planning. Finding someone to shoot your annual family pictures (and who won’t be fazed by your toddler’s squirming in front of the camera) can be challenging. Finding a photographer who captures beautiful images of your loved ones is tricky. Have you considered hiring a lifetime photographer? Here are a few reasons why you should…

Consistency. The portraits you hang on your wall will have a consistent, unique theme and quality for years to come. No looking for a new photo studio or meeting a new photographer to take your family’s photos. No stress over entrusting your newborn to a stranger’s hands for first baby photos.

Familiarity. There’s nothing more awkward than pasting on a fake smile and posing for a complete stranger. Why not choose a photographer whom you can have a great relationship with? She’ll shoot your photos when you’re wearing that “just proposed, let’s set the date” glow. She’ll make you feel at ease and highlight your natural beauty in boudoir images for your husband. She’ll be with you on your big day as you say I Do. First family photos with your newborn? Check.

Scheduling. By having a close relationship with your photographer, she’ll know your schedule and will be flexible with accommodating you.

Kids will be more comfortable. Let’s face it: kids are hard to photograph. Whether it’s getting them to wear dressy clothes for a photoshoot, or worse, stand still and smile for a few minutes – knowing your photographer well can make a world of difference for a child. Bonus points if she can make a photoshoot fun by removing the pressure of staged smiles and foster a fun atmosphere for the entire family. Comfort creates easy smiles.

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