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The Secret for Moms who want to get stuff done!

The secret for moms who want to get stuff done - Hello Jude Photography

If you are anything like me, you could say that your day is filled with decisions. From the moment I wake up (or hit snooze) to the moment my head hits the pillow at night (or I am nudging my husband to go feed the baby), I am actively making decisions. When I wake up, do I want to go to the gym, or scroll on my phone for 10 minutes first so that it is “too late” to get a workout in and still be home in time for Nate to leave for work? Then, do I cook a hot breakfast or settle for cereal or fruit? DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS.

As a mother, I’m not only making decisions for myself, but also for my little ones. What will I feed them? How much TV time is too much? Is Youtube now off limits? Not to mention the endless questions asked on a daily basis (90% revolving around snacks in our house).

Mom, can I have this?

Mom, can you open this?

Mom, can I watch this?

Mom, can we go there?

Cue the series of problem solving questions running through your mind.

Did you know there is actually something called ‘decision fatigue’? Legit, a VERY REAL THING and a very inevitable part of motherhood.

So, what’s the solution? What’s the secret?


Now, hear me out before you dismiss me.

This secret isn’t super secretive. I know. Since before the babies were born, people would tell me that structure and routine would save me. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Make a schedule and stick to it. And while I am all for routine, I also sorta hate that word because it seems stiff and rigid.

Enter Rhythms. Basically routine but more fun.

Rhythms have an ebb and flow. Rhythms are things you do as part of your normal day to keep things running smoothly. It’s like an autopilot for certain parts of your life. You don’t have to make decisions about these things or worry about them. They become normal for you. Here are a few of my Rhythms for you to see exactly what I’m talking about:

Motherhood/ Daily Life Rhythms

  • I (try to) wake up early every morning to hit the gym for 30 minutes before everyone wakes up

  • I use my time at the gym to listen to a podcast or sermon to set my mind and heart ready for the day

  • Jude goes to preschool 3 days a week, so those mornings I fix his lunch before he wakes up and get his backpack by the door

  • After preschool drop off I have my quiet time while Knox eats breakfast

  • Since Jude isn’t napping regularly anymore, when he gets home from school he has his “quiet time” where he can watch a little tv while I work on projects or emails

  • When Nate gets home we have a little family play time before I start dinner

  • After dinner it is bath, book, bed for the boys

  • A basket sits in our living room that is used at the end of the day to pick up any toys around the house

  • Nate loads the dishwasher at night before bed to let it run during the night

  • I set a 10 minute timer to tidy the house every night before bed so that when I wake up the next morning I have a (somewhat) clean house and can begin my day.

Work Rhythms

  • I always start my day by making a list and then checking my emails

  • I always end my day by checking my emails and answering anything urgent. I also look over my list for the day, marking priorities for the next day that I didn’t complete.

  • I have workflows in place for clients, and automations set up for both inquiries and current clients.

  • I have a calendar specifically for work that has a rhythm of posting schedules and email schedules

How you can implement rhythms based on your scenarios:

Let’s brainstorm some areas in your life where rhythms would really help you out.

Think about what you do on a normal day or week. Are you a stay at home mom, A work from home mom? Do you work outside the home? Do your kids go to school, or do you homeschool? Jot down your typical day’s schedule (if there is one) and look at where you have gaps of time to get things done.

Let’s pinpoint a scenario for funsies. Your child has soccer practice 2 nights a week and dinner time is brutal. Maybe you prepare a crockpot dinner throughout the day so that you can eat together before practice. Or, maybe you call in a pizza or treat to family to Chick-Fil-A one night a week.

Do you have little ones who are in school? Maybe you have them pick out their outfits for school the night before so that there is no fight on what to wear. Maybe you pack their lunches the night before and make sure all homework or papers are signed and in their backpack.

Are your kids non-stop eating machines like mine? Maybe you set timers on your phone for snack times throughout the day so that you can know when the last time they ate was!

See, rhythms don’t have to be stuffy or dull, BUT they can be SUPER helpful for mamas who just need to have a little bit of structure. Your kids will know what’s coming, what to expect, and may even begin to develop their own rhythms.


Are you a tired mama who needs a little pick-me-up? Are you looking for some encouragement from another mom who is in the trenches too? You should totally join my Mama Motivation Newsletter by clicking HERE and selecting ‘Motherhood’.

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