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All About Wedding Hashtags

Why use wedding hashtags?- Guest blog by Andi Sells (Hello Jude Intern)

Have you heard of the new wedding hashtag craze? Maybe you have attended a wedding recently and spotted a sign saying ‘Snap a pic, use our hashtag’. Wedding hashtags are a great way to find all of the photos that your guests capture at your wedding in one spot. They are super fun and encourage your guests to post the pictures they take at your wedding that you may never otherwise see.  We all know that as photographers we can’t get pictures of every single guest at your wedding, so by using hashtags you are getting photos of each individual at your wedding that you wouldn’t have otherwise, PLUS it is a fun way to see your wedding from other people’s perspective!

So, where do you start when thinking of a wedding hashtag? There are wedding hashtag generators everywhere that can help you find a unique and punny hashtag that is just right for your wedding. Yes, it is very important that your hashtag is unique, you don’t want to have to scroll through tons of photos under a hashtag to find the ones from your wedding. So before deciding on your hashtag, look it up and see how popular it is.

Now that we have established that wedding hashtags are the cutest thing ever, we need to talk about when to start using your wedding hashtag. You don’t want to start using it too early because it will lose its excitement by the time your wedding rolls around. My suggestion is to start using your wedding hashtag when your save the dates get sent out. This way all the excitement is still there on your wedding day, and you will still get to document the whole wedding planning process, the fun pictures from your engagement, bridal showers, and wedding weekend. 

How are people going to know about your wedding hashtag? The best way for people to know about your hashtag is for you to use it. On any and every post related to your wedding be sure to include the hashtag. People will catch on super quick that you are using a hashtag and probably immediately click on it to scroll through your images. Feel free to include your hashtag on your save the dates, that way people can start to use it before your wedding and be prepared to use it during your wedding. The best way to make sure that your guests know about your wedding hashtag is to make a cute sign of some kind and set it in the reception area, or to incorporate it in several seen places on your wedding day (koozies, the bottom of the program, etc.). The sign can simply say “hashtag all of your pictures #SoontobeSmiths so that we can all look back at the memories made today”. With the simple use of a sign you will give people a reason to post about your wedding and a hashtag to look back on for years to come.

It’s always fun to use hashtags that are alliterative, rhyme, or are punny:

You can also use the location of your wedding (if it holds a special meaning), or even use your relationship:

Don’t feel like you are creative enough to come up with a cute, punny, and relevant wedding hashtag? Yeah me either but thankfully the internet exist and with wedding hashtag generators you don’t have to be creative. Below I included a couple links to my favorite wedding hashtag generators.

Happy hashtagging!

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