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The Magic Behind Your Images

Have you ever seen photos and thought “Wow! Those are magical.”? While I believe that anyone can have magical photos, there are a few things that I look for during each session to make those magical moments translate to imagery.

1. The Details

I love taking the time to zoom in and focus on little details. The little toe wrinkles and tiny fingers, the way babies stretch their arms out after being un-swaddled, and the way that their little fingers intertwine in your hand.

2. Moments of Connection

I look for the moments that make your heart flutter. The way your little one gazes into your eyes or how your spouse looks at you with such admiration, the way your toddler fits perfectly in your arms when you snuggle or how they rest their head on your shoulder when you hold them.

3. Knowing the Tricks and How to Edit Composites

This may be one of my biggest secret tricks! Know how to edit composites. If you have some toddlers unwilling or unable to sit next to their baby sibling we can take two separate photos and put them together into one beautiful piece of art. If you have toddlers that need a little convincing, we can always pull out some snacks or toys to prompt them into those moments.

Hello Jude Photography provides newborn photography in North Georgia for busy moms who want a stress-free and luxury portrait experience. Also offering maternity, family, and baby photography, our studio is located in the heart of Clarkesville, between Clayton and Gainesville. We serve families in Habersham, White, Stephens, Hall, Rabun, Banks, Jackson, Gwinnett, Forsyth, and Dekalb Counties, and all throughout the North Georgia region.

We offer a high-end, full service experience including a pre-session consultation, exclusive access to the carefully curated Studio Wardrobe and cozy bright and airy studio space, a beautiful gallery of story-telling images, and an array of family heirlooms such as albums, prints, custom framing and more to pass down to your children. If you are searching for the perfect maternity, birth, newborn or family portrait photographer near Clarkesville and are wanting to create heirlooms for your family, we can’t wait to serve you.


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