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If you asked me in college what I would be doing with my life, owning a photography business wouldn't probably even make the cut; but as God would have it, His best plans are set in motion and here we are six years later. What began as an outlet to capture better images of my first born, turned into a business that has captured my heart and given me a passion for legacy. A few more kids and a few years later and now more than ever I am so thankful for this gift and the memories I have been able to preserve through images and film of my little loves and so many others.

I could binge-watch cooking shows all-day
I'm an enneagram 3 Wing 2
My kids love everything I cook- as long as it is Kraft Mac N'Cheese

I live to see my kids smile and hear their laughs
I love renovating our 1955 fixer-upper #ourbluebrickbungalow
I believe there is no better feeling in the world than holding a newborn baby
I am the jumpiest person to watch scary movies with
Watching snow fall is one of my favorite activities
My work is my ministry

a little more about me

Aside from ridiculous amounts of coffee and the smell of Volcano candles, these four clowns are what keeps me going. Hopefully you will get the chance to meet them in real life!


Meet Ellie- Hello Jude Studio Assistant

Hi! I’m Ellie, Bailey’s Studio Assistant. Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, I never would’ve imagined landing in NE Georgia almost 5 years ago. The Lord has blessed my husband and I beyond measure since we have been here, with one of those blessings being the opportunity of working at Hello Jude with Bailey! One of the things I love about working with Bailey is that there is always something new going on. She always has new ideas she’s working on, so brainstorming with her and implementing those ideas keeps me on my toes in the best way possible. There’s always something new and exciting going on at Hello Jude Photography!

My husband and I welcomed our first baby, Sophia, in October 2022

I’m an enneagram 9 Wing 1

I love running, biking, baking, breakfast foods, indoor plants & coffee

Weddings are my favorite! Especially their representation of Christ and the Church

Psych and Gilmore Girls are my favorite TV series

Little local coffee shops are simply the best


Meet Kelly- Hello Jude HMU Artist

Hello there! My name is Kelly Welborn, and I am the owner of Sweet Annie Salon. I have been in the industry of hair and makeup for nearly 8 years now. As an artist and mom of two, I tend to find beauty in the simple things. I like to think of my clients as my ready-made canvas. I cannot paint over them; I can only enhance their natural beauty. Which is what I love most- bringing out the simply beautiful woman you are! It’s why I do what I do. I look forward to meeting and serving you in the Hello Jude Studio. 

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