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3 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Photographer- Plus a Free Download!

There are SO MANY decisions to make as you are planning your wedding. After the cake has been consumed, the flowers are dried out, and your dress is hung, the one lasting part of your wedding day is you wedding photos and video. Finding the photographer who is right for YOU can be a challenge, but these three tips will hopefully help the process become a little easier.

1. Make sure you connect with them and like them as a person.

It is very likely that you will be spending more time on you wedding day with your photographer than with anyone else (even your spouse). They are there from the moment you start getting ready and slide into your dress, until the very last sparkler has burned out. On such an important day in your life, connecting with your photographer on a personal level can make a huge difference on your experience. If you are looking for a transactional photographer (someone who comes in, takes the photos, and leaves) then this wouldn't apply to you. BUT 99.9% of you desire to be cared for, looked after, and served well on your wedding day- the best way to achieve that is to find someone you vibe with! TRUST is a huge factor!

2. Ask to see a full wedding gallery.

Seeing a few images on Instagram and their website is great, but looking at a full gallery with help you envision your day. Is the gallery filled with candids? Are the dancing photos and exit photos well lit and focused? Are all of the important moments covered from the ceremony. Any photographer can show you a preview of their best 70 photos they've ever shot and you will be impressed. But that won't really give you a good sense for what YOUR wedding photos will look like. By looking at a full gallery, you can make sure they have good quality photos throughout the course of one entire wedding.

3. Ask yourself if you experience any emotions when you look at their images.

When you look at this particular photographers photos do you feel anything? Can you see the couples emotions in the photos? If you feel something when looking through a bunch of strangers' wedding photos on their portfolio, you are more guaranteed to love your own photos!

As a side note: Spend some time becoming familiar with the different styles of wedding photography available, and find out which style appeals most to you. Once you've settled on a style, then seek out photographers who have that style nailed. By doing this, you won't waste your time (or the photographers' time) meeting with those whose artistic style aren't the best fit for you. Maybe you resonate really well with the moodier more dramatic wedding shots vs. the crisp and airy photos- that will help determine where to begin your search.


To help a little more in the process, I have created a free download of 10 questions to ask a prospective wedding photographer. Print out this list and jot down notes as you are at consultations to help your search!

Get yours HERE If you are already subscribed to the HJ Newsletter, check your inbox for the freebie!

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