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5 Senses Of Your Wedding Day

5 Senses of Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day a lot is going on. From getting your hair and makeup done and trying to stick to a timeline, to feeling the jitters of waiting to see your soon-to-be spouse, to walking down the aisle and trying to soak in all of the emotions and focus on the one you love, and guests flocking you to congratulate you and reaffirm how beautiful you look, it may seem like the day is a blur once it is all over.

After months (or years) of planning such a special day of your life it is so important to sit and soak up all that is happening on your wedding day. One of the best ways to do this is to experience your wedding day through your 5 senses.

Touch– Remember the touch of your dad’s arm around yours as he walks you down the aisle. Soak up the touch of your soon-to-be husbands hands in yours as you exchange vows and he slips that ring on your finger. Remember the feeling of your first kiss as husband and wife and his hand on your back during your first dance.

Taste– Soak up the taste of the coffee that gave you that morning pick me up in the “Bride” coffee mug. Remember the taste of the food and the cake that you scarfed down quickly before hitting the dance floor. Savor the taste of the champagne or wine you drank while your best friend from college toasts your new marriage.

Smell- Remember the smell of the perfume you spritz on before heading out the door. The smell of the flowers in your bouquet. The smell of the fresh cut grass, or the old church pews.

Sound- Sit and soak up the sounds. The birds chirping to wake you up on your wedding day.

The playlist you listened to and danced around with your bridesmaids in your curlers. The sound of the chatter of guests arriving. Listen to the words of the songs as you walk down the aisle and share your first dance. Remember the sound of the pastor pronouncing you husband and wife for the first time ever and the DJ announcing you as your enter the dance floor.

Sight- Most importantly, soak up as much as you can see. The sight of the sun rising. The sight of the the coffee dripping in the pot. The sight of your best friends by your side putting on

their makeup. The sight of your mom helping zip up your wedding dress and her tears as she looks at you for the first time all dressed up. The sight of all the details you meticulously planned that are all coming together in front of your eyes. The sight of seeing your dad for the first time. The look in your soon-to-be husbands eyes as you meet at the end of the aisle and the faces of your loved ones in the crowd. The sight of the confetti that is thrown as you walk up the aisle as husband and wife for the first time and the sparklers as you leave as Mr. and Mrs.

When you experience your wedding day through your 5 senses intentionally you have lasting memories of that special day. To this day every-time I hear “Holy” By City Harmonic, tears come to my eyes as I remember walking down the aisle and meeting Nate face to face for the first time on our wedding day. When I smell Filipino food I remember our reception and how my sisters-in-law slaved in the kitchen for days prior to the wedding to prep and prepare our wedding food. When I taste sparkling grape juice I remember the hilarious toasts that happened very spur of the moment at our reception and whenever I hear water bottles crackle I remember that was everyone’s way to tell us to kiss (no fancy glasses at our wedding). The sight of birdseed now makes me cringe as I remember finding it in every nook and cranny of our bodies and our car for months following the wedding. But, overall, I have some amazing lasting memories from our wedding 5 years ago because I took to my senses. If you are a bride to be, I challenge you to soak up as much as you can on your wedding day! Memories that will be sparked throughout your marriage by things that you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell.

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