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5 Things Brides Forget | Bride Tips

Your big day has arrived. You’re getting married! The week prior to your wedding has been a flurry of excitement and last-minute preparation; you’ve checked and double-checked your planning list and you’re ready to change your name. But wait. Here are a few things Brides commonly forget to plan for, on their wedding day…

1. A comfy pair of shoes

The beautiful pair of heels you wear to walk down the aisle may not be the same pair of shoes you want to dance the night away in. Even if you do forego dancing, the option to slip into more comfortable footwear for the reception might sound appealing. Don’t forget to throw a comfy pair of flats or sandals into your wedding-day bag.

2. Detail box

His and her rings. A veil, hair pins, clips or tiara. Perfume and cologne. The bride’s heels. A wedding invitation set. The bridal bouquet. All of these things are beautiful and precious details that make up your wedding. Put together a box with the items for the photographer, so he or she can capture images of those items before the ceremony.

3. A hanky

The moment the groom sees his bride walk down the aisle…when Dad gives his daughter away…the mothers of the Bride and Groom watching as a new family is formed…the bride reading her vows; you’ll be glad you remembered to pack a hanky for these moments.

4. Water bottle and snacks

During those moments in between getting your hair and makeup done, or while you’re waiting for the guests to arrive and the ceremony to begin – you might get a little hungry. Especially if you were too nervous and excited to eat breakfast. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle (or two!) and some snacks to munch on if you don't plan on having food at the venue while you re getting ready.

5. A wood hanger

You spent extensive time searching for the perfect wedding dress. Wouldn’t it be tragic for your photographer to take a photo of your gown while it hung on an ugly plastic hanger? While a lot of photographers pack an extra just in case, don’t forget to pack a wood hanger; it’ll compliment your dress in a beautiful way.

What other items are in your wedding day bag? We would love to hear the things that came to the rescue or that you were thankful to have on hand on your wedding day!


So you are getting married? I would love to hear more about your wedding plans and see if I would be a good fit to serve you on your wedding day for Photography and/or Videography.

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