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5 Tips For Better Photos of Your Kids

I Believe in you Mama! Sometimes taking great photos of your kiddos can be challenging! Here are my 5 tips towards improving your photos of your kids and capturing those sweet ever-changing smiles!

1. Lighting

Choosing your lighting is the first step to any great photograph. If you are inside with your children try your best to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Move them near a window or open door. Face them TOWARD the light instead of having their backs to the light (That way the light is actually doing what it is supposed to do). If you are outdoors the best time to take photos is an hour before sunset or right as the sun is setting. However, if you can’t choose the time to take photos and you have to work with your existing light, make sure that they are not in full sun. Your photos will look splotchy and harsh on their skin. Try to move them towards a little bit of shade if possible.

2. Candids Some of the best photos are the ones where children are in their own element. Are they snuggling on the couch? Grab a quick photo. Are they reading a book? Grab a quick photo. Are they talking to their dolls? Grab a quick photo. These are the photos that tell the story of how amazing your children are. Don’t forget the candids. They are the ones you will look back at and want to frame all over your home!

3. Catch Lighting Have you ever noticed a little glimmer in your child’s eye? This is called catch lighting. The way to achieve this in photographs is to make sure they are facing a light source (the sun, a lamp, etc.). By turning their faces toward the light you are able to catch the glimmer in their eye and makes them look magical!

4. Background Be aware of the background in your photographs. Sometimes chaos adds to the photo (messy room with toys everywhere tells a story). Sometimes a photo is enhanced by drawing attention to the subject (your child) alone. Are they sitting on the floor playing, and a pile of laundry is in the background? Push it out of the way… no one is judging you.

5. Get on their level

Make sure that you are not always taking photos of the tops of their heads. Get on their level. See the world as they are seeing it. Catch the glimmer in their eye and all of their sweet facial features!

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