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Building Your Baby's Medicine Cabinet

What to Stock?

Before having kids, our medicine cabinet was relatively empty--we maybe had some Tylenol and cough drops. The first time Jude was sick I had nothing on hand and had no clue what to do. Since then, I do my best to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with anything we may need for our kids, whether it’s because they are sick or hurt.

Disclaimer: You should always consult your pediatrician before giving your child medicine. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s safe and what dosing is correct for your child. I also know that there are many different opinions on medicine for your child. Please do whatever you feel is best for your family. These are just suggestions based on what has worked for us.

Motrin and Tylenol- we always keep these on stock. Our children are notorious for high fevers, so being able to rotate doses is a great option for us.

Infant nail clippers- I still use these bad boys on all the kids. I love how they are not as sharp as your typical nail clippers

A thermometer- We currently have an ear thermometer, but I would love to upgrade to a forehead one soon. Being able to take a child's temp without waking them sounds amazing for those late sick nights.

Gripe Water- If you have a newborn this is liquid gold. This sweet sugary magic got us through a lot of long days and nights with our colic babies.

Hyland's Baby Cold Syrup- this one was recommended by our pediatrician for those pesky coughs and runny noses. We love how there is a daytime and nighttime option

Dermafrida- All three of our kiddos experienced cradle cap at some level and this little scrubber was a lifesaver with Emma!

The Windi- I will admit, I haven’t tried this one yet. I hear it is amazing so I’ve added it to our cabinet for baby number 4- I’ll report back!

Vapor bath- I always remember growing up taking Vicks Vapor baths when I was sick. Nowadays it seems nearly impossible to find the Vicks brand, but this Babyganics brand is great for kids.

Air purifier- Also adding this to our cabinet. I love how this one has a sound machine and nightlight built in! Seems like a great practical baby gift as well!

Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub- Again, there is something super soothing about the smell of vapor rub when sick- this is a great option for children.

Nose Frida- I know some people love this (I’m more of an old-fashioned, bulb syringe kind of gal), but if you have a child that will sit still and let you suck their boogers out this is a great option.

Little Remedies Saline Spray- A great way to loosen up all that gunk when your kid is stuffed up!

You can find all of these products linked on my Amazon Storefront!

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