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Camp Retreat Wedding, Baker FL | Tyler + Allex

Allex and Tyler

I met Allex when I was just a little girl. We grew up down the street from one another. I vividly remember loving going to her house for a few reasons; 1. When we drove to her house my mom didn't make us wear our seatbelts-talk about freedom, 2. Her house had stairs (which I thought was so cool, because our house was a single story) and 3. Her room had a secret compartment that we used for puppet shows, Barbies, and all the things. As we got older our friendship morphed into one where my sister and I would walk to her house or ride our bikes. I would raid her closet for the newest, coolest outfit- she was a few steps ahead of me in fashion, and we would listen to the newest NSync* CD's on our walkmans or take turns with a pogo stick in the driveway.

When I turned 15 Allex helped me land my first job at a local restaurant as a hostess. One time, after I had just gotten my learners permit, she let me drive her car home from work (sorry mom and dad).

Our family always called her YaYa. I'm not even 100% sure where that came from, but it stuck. YaYa has been part of our family from the beginning, so you can only imagine the excitement I experienced when I saw that she was engaged (much less, to a guy with the last name Bailey... talk about coming full circle). Their wedding was an amazing display of similar stories and connections. Both Tyler and Allex were such a joy to work with and their families and friends made the day even more incredible. Their Wedding Day at Camp Retreat When I arrived at Camp Retreat, all of the bridesmaids were gathered in the bridal suite getting their hair and makeup done. The rain was starting to trickle in, but spirits were high that it would subside before the 3:00 ceremony. As the morning progressed, the rain came and went, but when it came time to make the final ceremony location call the rain was still coming down. Due to the rain, Allex and Tyler decided to share their first look inside the bridal suite's sunroom (which had incredible light anyways!). Following their first look, all of Allex's bridesmaids and some of her closest family friends gathered to pray over her and their marriage. Just as the prayer was ending, the rain stopped and the sun started to peek through the trees. At 15 minutes until the ceremony, the call was made to move the ceremony back outside! Regardless of the fact that no decorations were set up outside and no chairs were set up, it was important to Allex and Tyler to get married by the beautiful tree on the property with the water in the background! The rest of the night was a celebration of their 7-year journey. Their family and friends were all filled with joy and the entire day was unforgettable! Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful day!

Special Thanks to an amazing team of vendors who made the day incredible! Photography: Hello Jude Photography

Gown: Simply Elegant

Florals: Forget Me Knot Flowers

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Kaley Walls

DJ/Entertainment: Kevin White

Videography: Jubilee Santos

Catering: 98 BBQ

Bridesmaids Dresses: CoCo Melody

Groomsmen attire: Dennis & CO in FWB,FL

Invitations: Paper culture

Hair: Kristin Thompson

Makeup: Sarah Ates

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