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Clarkesville Georgia Natural Light Studio Reveal

THE TIME IS HERE! After lots of hard work and sweat (mainly by Nate... I just did the pointing), the studio is complete and I couldn't be happier with how things turned out. In order to get a full picture of how far we have come, I needed to dig deep into the archives and find photos of our home on closing day. In April of 2016 we purchased our first home. A "well-loved" 1950s brick home that needed ALOT of TLC. When I first walked into this home I wasn't quite sold on the idea of a fixer-upper. But after some persuasion and assurance from Nate that it would be a fun adventure and save us some money, we signed the papers and had keys in our hands on the 15th of that month. As you can see, these original knotty pine walls aren't quite my style, so they were the first thing to go in my mind.

We weren't 100% sure what the purpose of this room was, so in all honesty, after it was painted and the floors were done, it sat empty for a few years. Occasionally I would pull a blanket in and let Jude play in the sunshine on the floor. At one point I even purchased a couch for the room to make it a second living room. But it always felt purposeless.

I never imaged it would turn into a photography studio (considering when we purchased the house I wasn't doing photography and had no clue what the Lord had in-store). Fast forward to 2020 and it slowly transformed into the studio of my dreams.. and the best part I can work from home while loving on my babies!

This extra bedroom in our home sat empty for so long, as well so we decided to knock out a wall and put in a door to make the studio transition into an office/client closet area side by side. Little did we know when we started this project we would find out we were pregnant with baby 4...whoopsie.

Nate is really the biggest supporter of my crazy ideas and dreams. I am amazed at how he is able to take a quick sketch of mine and build it right in front of me.

Without further adieu, the new expanded Hello Jude Photography Studio space! I cannot wait to have these walls filled with echoes of first steps and baby giggles, baby sound machines, and silly dance parties. This space was designed with intentionality to serve each and every one of my clients while still being a beautifully simple space for our home. I hope you enjoy this reveal as much as I do.


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