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Cochran Mill Park Engagement Session | Allex + Tyler

I met Allex when I was just a little girl. We grew up down the street from one another. I vividly remember loving going to her house for a few reasons; 1. When we drove to her house my mom didn't make us wear our seatbelts-talk about freedom, 2. Her house had stairs (which I thought was so cool, because our house was single story) and 3. Her room had a secret compartment that we used for puppet shows, Barbies, and all the things. As we got older our friendship morphed into one where my sister and I would walk to her house or ride our bikes. I would raid her closet for the newest, coolest outfit- she was a few steps ahead of me in fashion, and we would listen to the newest NSync* CD's on our walkmans or take turns with a pogostick in the driveway.

When I turned 15 Allex helped me land my first job at a local restaurant as a hostess. One time, after I had just gotten my learners permit, she let me drive her car home from work (sorry mom and dad).

Our family always called her YaYa. I'm not ever 100% sure where that came from, but it stuck. YaYa has been part of our family from the beginning, so you can only imagine the excitement I experienced when I saw that she was engaged (much less, to a guy with the last name Bailey... talk about coming full circle). I had the pleasure of meeting up with them in Atlanta this past weekend for their engagement session, and even though Allex and I had not seen each other in a few years, we picked back up right where we left off. Here are just a handful of my favorite images from their engagement session at Cochran Mill Park.

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