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Why Albums Make the Perfect Gift

Heirloom Albums

With the holidays right around the corner I can bet you have already started to think about gifts for the ones you love. Maybe, if you are like me, you have started scrolling the endless options on Pinterest for grandparent gift ideas the kids can help with. While the handprint reindeer craft projects are really cute, there is an easier (and less messy) option when it comes to giving a personalized memorable gift. Enter: Heirloom Photo Albums!

As a mama of four, I can attest to the fact that having a home filled with photos and albums on the shelves brings such joy and sweetness to your space. I love being able to look through albums with my children of our family photos through the years. It brings storytelling, reminiscing, and laughter to our home as we flip through the pages. It’s an investment in family memories that actually creates more memories every time you look back at them.

Ordering professional heirloom photo albums is the difference between capturing moments and preserving your memories; and, as a bonus, they make the PERFECT gift!

Grandparents will love pouring over the pages of their littlest loves. They will display it on their coffee tables to show their visiting friends and it will make them feel closer to their grandkids every time they open it. Whether it is a photo album of your family, or an album of a session that included the grandparents, they will be sure to treasure that book and look at it often!

Read This Before You Try to Make Your Own Album:

I’m not a betting woman, but if I was, I would bet that if you have ever tried to design an album yourself it has led to a lot of time sitting at the computer trying to choose images, figuring out the software, and arranging and rearranging the images. It takes SO MUCH TIME! There are countless websites that offer templated DIY photo album services at a great price- that much is true. But at the end of the day, those albums lack the quality and customizations you want. The albums these sites offer aren’t guaranteed to be preservation quality and will start to show wear and tear quickly if they are looked at often. These albums’ durability is nothing compared to that of a Professional Heirloom Album.

Save yourself some time and stress this holiday season and give the gift of beautiful preserved memories.

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