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(An Unbiased Opinion on) The Importance of Annual Family Photos

Becoming a mother has definitely changed my outlook on yearly family photos. Every few weeks I turn to my husband, or tell a friend “time is flying way too fast… he is getting so big… where did my baby go?”. If you are a mom you have probably shared similar thoughts and feelings at many times of your child’s life. Family photos are a great way to freeze time (if only for a few moments) to capture the special season our family is in.

Children change so much! Their size, their features, their personalities. Yearly family photos is a great way to capture those personalities those changing smiles and missing teeth, their baby curls, and summer freckles. Most of all it is a great opportunity to capture your WHOLE family!

Chances are you have some great photos of your kids, and maybe even some classic ones of your kids and your spouse… but how often are you all in front of the camera?

I have gathered a few of my top (unbiased) reasons why planning for yearly family photos is so important!

1. If you make a priority to schedule family photos every year you set the precedent that it is a non-negotiable. Excuses aren’t an option. You value them and understand the importance of them.

2. Family photos can be an investment. Planning to make it a priority every year allows you to properly budget for photos.

3. The last-minute (let’s just set up a tripod) pressure is off! We’ve all been there. December is creeping up and we have no idea what photo we are going to put on the Christmas cards! So our simple solution is to just set up a tripod and do our best hurry and run 10 second self-timer family photo… Believe me, you aren’t fooling anyone… we can all tell when we get a card like that… because we have all been there and done that!

4. It gives a perfect opportunity to capture changing personalities, and seasons in your child’s life. Is your son really into batman these days? Bring along his bat mask and cape and we will be sure to capture some really fun superhero photos. Is your dog the center of attention in your house? Bring Fido along and we will get the best slobbery kiss photos possible! We will laugh, we will tickle and snuggle, and we will do whatever it takes to get their fun little personalities to shine in our time together.

5. You learn to look forward to your yearly photos! You start to think about locations, and outfits, and things to incorporate every year. You will get to know your photographer and will likely build a relationship with them to where the photos don’t become an awkward hassle. Instead, you learn to enjoy your session and are able to be yourselves!

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