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My Favorite Baby Items (that have withstood 3 babies!)

We can all agree that when it comes to shopping for our little ones, the question of longevity is prominent. We count the months that they will be able to fit in a certain outfit and may even size up if it’s cutting it close. We look at Amazon reviews for quality comments. We question the material, the sturdiness, and the wear and tear that the product will inevitably go through. When I found out we were expecting baby number 4 I was quick to make a list of all the things that I thought I would need to prepare for Millie’s arrival. Much to my surprise, I realized that the majority of the baby essentials I already had from 3 previous newborns have survived and were still in great enough shape to make it through another baby. Here is a list of things that have withstood the test of time and 3 crazy kiddos.

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  1. Jenny Lind Crib This sucker has not only survived through my 3 kids, but it is actually the crib I slept in as a baby. My dad fixed it up with a fresh paint job when I was pregnant with Jude and gifted it to us to hold each of our sweet babies. This one takes the cake for longevity- it is now 30 years old and has survived 7 (on it’s 8th) babies. I’m not sure the quality difference between what you can purchase nowadays and what was produced 30 years ago, but from what I can tell it is still a fan favorite among many mamas.

  2. Our Eddie Bauer Glider/Rocker I remember driving home from a lunch break when I was pregnant with Jude to see this in a box on our front porch. It was gifted to us by my grandmother and I was chomping at the bit to bring it into our apartment and set it up in Jude’s nursery. Unfortunately, his nursery was upstairs and since I was super duper pregnant and couldn’t lift the box, I had to wait for Nate to come home to help. Before Millie was born it got a good deep cleaning from my mom when she came to town and it looks brand new! I’ll be sad to see it go one day. A lot of late night memories are in that chair- nursing newborns, sick toddlers, story times, and snuggles.

  3. Ergobaby Carrier I bought this on clearance at Target when Jude was just about 6 months old. I knew I wanted one based on what my other mom friends raved about, but we couldn't afford one at the time. So, when I was able to find one on a whim for $50 I jumped at it and have never looked back. We love this carrier for family hikes, trips to the store, going on walks, you name it! The carrier we have is a body facing one only which is my only regret (I wish it was the kind that forward faced as well- the 360.)

  4. Happy Wrap This is similar to the baby carrier but it is lightweight, easy to throw in a diaper bag and easy to clean. I’ve been using this wrap since Jude was a few weeks old and I still carry Millie in it! It just recently started to develop a few little holes in the fabric so I just ordered a new one, but for the amount of time that I have used this thing I am SHOCKED that it survived as long as it did!

  5. Baby Breeza Full disclosure: this one hasn’t lasted 3 babies because we just bought it 2 years ago for Emma. I can imagine though that it could last multiple babies with how high of quality it is! If you formula feed this is a lifesaver!

  6. Simple Joy Carters Convertible Onesies The kimono style of these onesies is great for avoiding pulling the onesie over the head (which is a game changer when there is a blowout). I love how the long sleeve onesies have the convertible mittens for covering their tiny hands. I still have the ones I bought for Jude as a newborn and Millie is now wearing them!

  7. Life Factory Bottles Again this one is a little bit of a cheat because we just got them when Emma was born, but based on my experience I expect these glass bottles to withstand multiple babies!

  8. Little Unicorn Blankets I bought both Jude and Knox one of these for their baby blankets when I was pregnant and they still sleep with them every night. They are super thick material, they wash well without pilling, and are the perfect weight for daily use.

  9. Bumbo Seat, Boppy Pillow and Munchkin Non-slip Changing Pad All three are things that every mom is likely to purchase and they are relatively cheap buys. To my surprise, all three have lasted really well through all my babies!

  10. Quincy Mae leggings/pants These are by far my favorite baby clothing items. The ribbed material is super cute, they are super high quality, and have been washed 1000 times and still look and feel brand new!

  11. Chicco Key Fit Car Seat Another item that would definitely last 4 babies. We traded ours in when Emma was born because our stroller that it clicked into had a busted wheel from traveling on an airplane. We love the quality of this carseat and the fact that it can click into a stroller for those early days!

  12. Bouncer I bought this bouncer when Jude was a few months old. I remember being exhausted because he wanted to be held 24/7 and all I wanted to do was fold a load of laundry with both hands. I ran to Walmart, picked out the first bouncer I saw and the rest is history. All of my kiddos have loved this little gadget!

You can click the title links or shop below for items on my list found on Amazon!

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