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My Top Baby Musthaves

1. Baby Breeza

HANDS DOWN my new #1 item. I stinking love this thing! Formula mamas this is a GAME CHANGER. I honestly thought it was a waste of money when Nate bought me one for Mother's day last year, but, HOLY CRAP. It makes perfectly warm bottles in less than a minute. No measuring, no warming, no messy formula spills. Worth EVERY PENNY. I only wish I had it with the boys!

2. Happy Wrap

This stretch wrap has survived all three kiddos so far and I will definitely be pulling it out for baby 4. It is the perfect lightweight stretchy fabric. It holds it's shape without being super heavy. It is breathable and soft and all three of my kids have loved it more than any other wrap or carrier I have used.

3. Design Dua

I purchased this bassinet when I was pregnant with Emma. I am definitely a form over function type of person so I was immediately attracted to how beautiful it is. Nate tried to talk me out of it, but I won and purchased the Design Dua. Fast forward a few months, we were both SO impressed. It was lightweight yet durable. We felt like it was super safe too. Plus, it helps that it looks super beautiful in your home!

4. Muslin Burp Cloths

I love these burp cloths! They are super soft and super absorbent, a great price, and the perfect size! Enough said! Get you some!

5. Haakaa

I always had production issues with my babies- then enters the Haakaa. This was a game changer when Emma was born. This sucker (no pun intended) saved so much milk from the opposite side from which I was currently nursing. Within Emma's first few weeks of life, I was able to store so much milk just from catching the letdown that was being wasted!

6. BIB Pacis

Neither of my boys were big paci fans, but Emma is one paci loving gal. These Pacis are her absolute favorite and we keep them stocked in our home. They are BPA-Free Natural rubber and they come in all sorts of fun colors.

7. Knotted Gowns

GAME CHANGER. I love knotted gowns for newborns and especially night time changes. Our favorite brands are Kate Quinn and Lou Lou & Company

8. Jersey Knit Swaddles

These Copper Pearl swaddles are super soft, super stretchy, and super durable. Even after Emma outgrow being swaddled, they are the perfect size for nighttime blankets. They are also having a bigtime sale right now until May 16, 2021.

9. High Chair Attachment

Skip the bulky high chair, this thing is a big space saver and is super great for everyday meals, outside snacks, and traveling. We purchased this one after Knox was born when we got annoyed with the big highchair in the dining room and we have loved how easy it is to transport, clean, and how it can attach to any dining room chair.

10. Silicone Bibs

These little guys make mealtime clean up so much easier. The little pocket at the bottom is great for catching dropped food and keeps clothes free from crumbs. We have a few packs from Target, but you can find them just about anywhere.

Not so Needed Items IMO

1. Wipe Warmer

In my opinion a waste of money. They dry out the wipes super quickly and babies get used to warm wipes, so anytime you change their diaper out in public and need to use a normal temp wipe they freak out. Save the 25 bucks.

2. Umbrella Stroller

Although they seem super space savy, most umbrella strollers are cheap and break easily. Also, depending on how tall you are, they can be a pain to push since the handles sit so low.

3. Diaper Genie

We quickly quit using ours after Jude was born. It seemed like more of a pain than it was worth, and quite honestly, we take the trash out so much in our home, it just made more sense to take it directly to the trashcan. I know some people love theirs though! 4. Mittens

We love the convertible onesies for our newborns. Mainly because their hands can be covered without the risk of misplacing a mitt somewhere and not knowing where it went. Think of it just like socks- babies never keep them on! Instead, buy some newborn onesies with convertible hand coverings!

5. Baby Shoes

They are cute, but just like socks, they never stay on (and it takes SO long to get them on their tiny feet).

6. Tummy Time Mat A big blanket and a few toys. Totally sufficient in my opinion.

Thing's I've heard are great and want to try with our next baby

  1. Owlet Monitor

  2. Elvie Pump

  3. Doona car seat/stroller combo

I'd love to hear your must-haves and favorite baby products! Comment below for all the expecting mamas as they are building their lists for baby gear!

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