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Newborn Life Hacks

Alright, we’ve all seen the TikToks or Instagram reels with the audio that says “Show me the life hack that has subconsciously changed your life forever”. This blog is a compilation of all the newborn hacks that I’ve discovered over my 7 years so far as a mama of raising 4 little ones. I hope that you can find something helpful here as you enjoy the days in newborn lala land!

  • Ditch the snaps and buttons- gowns and zippers are now your best friend. Especially for those late night diaper changes

  • Freeze your breast milk bags laying flat. This is a great way to optimize the space in your freezer AND create a faster way to defrost the milk when you need it!

  • Use a hair tie on your wrist to remember which side you nursed or pumped on last (switch it after feeding to which side you need to start with on your next feeding)

  • Roll the onesie up over your baby’s arms for easier diaper changes. No flailing arms!

  • Roll shoulders of onesies down when there is a blowout to avoid pulling dirty onesie over baby’s face and up the back

  • Keep a full outfit in a plastic baggie in your diaper bag for easy finding if there is a blowout. PLUS you can contain your messy clothes in that bag for transport home once you switch outfits

  • Store hot water in a YETI to warm bottles on the go.

  • Pull the ruffles out on the sides of the diapers to avoid blowouts

  • If your little one is notorious for spraying you during diaper changes- lay a wipe over their willy as soon as you open the diaper

  • Use Dawn dish soap for blow out stains

  • Keep a salad dressing or condiment cup in your diaper bag for transporting your paci

  • Create an “essentials” basket with diapers, wipes, cream, extra outfit, swaddle, etc. in your living room. This will help you avoid multiple trips to the nursery or bedroom during those early days when you are resting and healing

  • Use a tap light at night when you are feeding and changing the baby- it isn’t startling to your significant other or the baby, but is just enough light to see what you need to see- PLUS you don’t have to get out of bed and go across the room to turn on a lamp or light switch. Just put the tap light on your bedside table in a basket by the bassinet.

  • Use an app to track your feeding times (modern day GAME CHANGER!)

  • Find onesies with foldover mittens attached instead of individual ones

  • If the baby is a notorious spitter upper and you are trying to preserve an outfit (family photos, baptism, etc.) use cling wrap and attach to the front of the baby's outfit until you are ready. (I learned that from a client during a session actually)

  • Breast milk is beneficial for baby acne

  • You can return unopened boxes of diapers to most retails stores without a receipt in exchange for a size you need

  • Use mesh laundry bags to prevent losing baby socks in the laundry

  • Save every drop of breast milk as you can with a Haaka

  • Make a food journal if you are nursing to record your diet- this way if something you eat upsets baby’s stomach you’ll have a better idea of narrowing down the culprit

  • Don’t change a diaper right after you feed- give it a little time because inevitably they will leave you a nice surprise as soon as you are done

  • Fussy Baby? Have you tried the 5 S’s?

  • Swaddle– babies are soothed by the tightness of being swaddled as they were cramped in the womb

  • Side/stomach- hold baby on their side or stomach (it is not safe for them to sleep this way)

  • Shush- make a shushing noise or use a white noise machine

  • Swing- the best motion is small and quick, while making sure the head and neck is supported

  • Suck- give the baby a pacifier or breast. Sucking promotes relaxation for babies.

Are there any tips that you swear by that I’m missing? Leave a comment below!

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