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Why (and Where) You Should Print Your Family Photos

Let’s take a second for honesty… we’ve all been there… received the notification on our phones that our memory is full and we go to our setting to discover the 1,479 images that are filling up the cloud. In this day in age we store our photos on our phones, our computers, and on our social media platforms. And if we do get around to printing them, they rarely make it into a frame before they get lost in a drawer in the office or stuck as a bookmark. I am definitely guilty of all of the above and for waiting the last minute and running to the nearest Walmart of CVS for my prints.

How incredible would it be if one day those photos made their way from our devices and into our hands? To be able to scroll the pages of an album with our children without having to wait for our photos to load. To see our photos on the walls that hold memories and legacy is such a magical thing!

By printing images you ensure that you won’t lose all of your precious images when your computer crashes or you accidentally delete them. Rather you can hold memories that will be passed down for many generations to come.

I know it is sometimes a hassle to pick the images and then get around to picking them up at the store. Companies today have made it super easy and convenient to order photos and get them to your door (so no more excuses momma). Chatbooks is a great platform for creating simple and beautiful albums from photos on your phone or social media. Books start at just $8 and you can upload and choose the photos that you want to include (plus it is shipped directly to your door!)

Maybe you are in the market for some beautiful prints? I myself am trying to be more diligent in ordering prints once a month of images I have taken and want to treasure. Instead of going to your local Walmart or CVS, take your prints to the next level (for little additional mulah… might I add) and head over to

MPIX is the site that I use for all of my personal prints. For 4×6 prints starting at 29 cents it is well worth the few extra pennies to get photos that have true color and beautiful lifelike skin tones. PLUS… if you sign up for their newsletter they send you some incredible coupons for prints and albums! Never again will I get my prints from a drug store or supermarket after seeing how accurate my images look with this company!

I think it is about time that we start printing our photos, so that our family and friends can tangibly treasure the things we capture!

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