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All You Need to Know About Wedding Day Details

If you are a bride you know how much time and preparation goes into planning every little detail of the most magical day of your life. From choosing colors, the perfect bouquet, the font on the invitations, and the earring you will wear.  It is my job as a wedding photographer to make sure that the hard work and attention you have put into those details is documented so beautifully that every time you look at your wedding images you remember every little detail. Here are a few tips on things to consider when preparing for your wedding day and some things that I LOVE to photograph!

1. Invitation suite This is probably one of my all time favorites to photograph. From choosing the color, the font, the wording, SO MUCH thought goes into the invitations! I HIGHLY recommend saving one whole invitation suite to give to your photographer on your wedding day so that they can make sure it is captured beautifully!

2. Rings Think of the amount of money and time was spent choosing the perfect symbol of your love. Make sure on your wedding day that your rings are sparkling clean and ready for their spotlight in front of the camera! Think about choosing a ring box to display your rings that is unique to you and your significant other.

3. Shoes, Veil, Earrings, Oh MY Come with a box of all of your details ready for your photographer (you will be their best friend). Your shoes, your veil, earrings (or any other jewelry you are going to wear) your garter, the perfume you are wearing that day, and your something old, new, and blue!

4. The Dress It is always really fun to see images of your wedding dress! Something as simple as adding a wooden hanger adds a huge impact to the photos. Ditch that plastic or foam hanger and get a hanger that your dress will be proud to be seen on. For an extra special touch, check etsy for some beautiful custom hangers!

5. Don’t forget the guys! The guys details are important too! Shoes and socks, bowtie, cuff links, watch, cologne, maybe even a celebratory cigar make for fun guys getting ready details! Don’t forget about their details when you are planning your morning bag!

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