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Columbus Museum | Korey + Collyn

When I first met Collyn + Korey last year at their engagement session I couldn't help but catch myself staring and smiling at their interactions. From their love of all things food, and continuous inside jokes, these two were quick friends! When I arrived to Columbus this past weekend, I was so incredibly excited to see them and spend the day with them. Once inside the hotel, Collyn was calm and collected despite a few unexpected situations that morning. Once her makeup and hair were complete (by her fabulous niece) and her blush dress was on, Collyn looked me in the eye and said "I'm ready". The kind of 'I'm ready' that didn't just speak to her appearance, but to the change that was about to happen a few short hours later- She was ready to see her soon to be husband and celebrate their day together. The Columbus Museum was gorgeous and filled with a lot of intricate art from children and professionals. We walked through a few exhibits and chose their favorite pieces to capture some photos near.

Overall, their wedding was a beautiful display of how far their relationship has come, the love of their family and friends, and all of their favorite people and things in one place

Thanks so much Mr. and Mrs. Fredette for inviting me into such an amazing day and for all of the amazing vendors that helped make the day possible! Dress: Lulus

Venue: Columbus Museum

Cake: Orlisa Woods

Hair and Makeup: Kristen @Creativebrainstorm

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