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Emma's Birth Story

First, A Little Background Story

When I was 9 months pregnant with Knox I asked my midwife about getting a tubal ablation. I was so done. (I thought) Knox’s pregnancy was rough and I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t imagine going through that again. She lovingly told me no. Unless there was a medical reason she didn’t recommend it in women under 30 because they tend to change their minds a few years down the road anyways. I was confident after Knox was born that our family was complete. That was until we had a little family weekend getaway for Mother’s Day last year. We had the blessing of spending the weekend at a lake house (to this date it is still one of my favorite weekends ever). We disconnected from technology, we spent the rainy days inside playing board games and coloring together and the sunny spurts in between on the boat on the lake. When the boys went to bed Nate and I would pull out the sweets and play card games. It was during one of the competitive card games I looked at Nate and said: “I think I want another baby”. He was a little surprised since I was so adamant about our family being done. With spring and fall wedding busy seasons and Nate’s summers away at camp, our only logical window to have a baby is between November and February. We were right at the end of the window so we decided if we got pregnant (which we didn't’ think was likely that quickly) then great, but if not we would wait until that window opened back up.

To my surprise June 4th (my birthday) I was staring at a positive pregnancy test (and then two more… because you can never be too certain). I had no idea that we would actually get pregnant that month... I mean, I knew it was a possibility, but you can just call me Fertile Myrtle.

At my 8 week appointment though there was a problem. They couldn’t find a heartbeat on the ultrasound. Flashback to the 3 miscarriages I had before Jude was born- I wasn’t expecting good news from that. They did some bloodwork and told me to come back in a few days to duplicate the bloodwork to see if my levels had grown at all.

I left for a conference waiting for a phone call from the OBGYN office with the news of whether or not this baby was going to make it. I debated on even going. Fear of what I would do if I was in the middle of the conference and started to miscarry and then had to make the drive home. So much fear and uncertainty. I remember telling a few sweet friends to pray pray pray that everything would be okay and that I would get good news and not have to make that long drive home full of heartbreak.

When the office called they said my levels looked good and wanted me to come back next week for another ultrasound to look for the baby's heartbeat again. (Looking back this pregnancy was full of lots of crazy twists and turns the whole time.)

Fast forward to the last month of pregnancy. I was miserable. I have never felt so large and uncomfortable in my life. I thought Knox’s pregnancy was rough… but this pregnancy was like “watch this”. From daily blood thinner injections in my stomach (which I have had to do with all 3, so it was no surprise), to having a TERRIBLE umbilical hernia which sent me to the ER one day. To miserable insomnia and morning sickness throughout the majority of the pregnancy, an iron deficiency which caused me to have to get iron infusions at the hospital for a week. 22 days of Braxton Hicks contractions and back labor before she was born and still working and being responsible for taking care of two rambunctious little boys.

The Day of Emma’s Arrival

I went in for my 38-week appointment secretly hoping that my midwife would say “Let’s go have a baby today!” I even packed the car with our bags and car seat and the boy's bags in case we had to drop them off with some friends! With both of the boys in tow, I went in for my weekly ultrasound. While in there Emma wasn’t moving and the tech mentioned that her heart rate was a little low. She told me she would let the midwife know but didn’t seem super concerned. When the midwife met me in the room she let me know that Emma failed 3 of the 4 factors they judge babies on with ultrasound. My fluids were good, but her heart rate was low, she was limp, and she wasn’t breathing. She told me to go straight to Labor and Delivery for monitoring and that I would be admitted for further monitoring and possibly an emergency C-Section if she was still in distress. With the boys in tow and trying not to cry, I called Nate and told him to meet me at the hospital. Once they got me registered they took me back to a room and Nate pulled in from leaving work early. Once we got situated they hooked me up to the monitors and gave me some IV fluids she started to perk up and show a little more activity. Our amazing friends Sam and Darby came to get the boys for a sleepover (what a HUGE blessing that was). The doctor came in and walked us through some options. Since I still had blood thinners in my system my options were a little limited. If her heart rate did not stabilize they would have to do an emergency C-Section and put me under. If they could get it to stay within the right range and she was moving well they could start Pitocin in a few hours and induce me. Luckily the second one is the one we were able to go with.

Jude was a really long and hard labor with several hours of pushing, and Knox was born before the midwife could get to the hospital, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with Emma (especially since she was measuring as my largest baby according to ultrasounds). But, things from that point went pretty quickly.

7:00 They broke my water- I was 2 cm dilated and not having painful contractions

8:00 Started Pitocin and increased it steadily (what seemed like every 15 minutes)

9:00 I went ahead and got an epidural (with both of the boys the epidural is what really kicked things into gear). I was at a 3 when I got the epidural

Every 30 minutes or so, I would ask to get checked again because I felt crazy change and pressure. It seemed like every time they would check me I would immediately feel more pressure and have them turn around and check me again!

11:00 They prepped the room- I was at a 10 but was not fully effaced yet so we were just waiting for that. I made a few pineapple jokes (since I literally had 10 pineapples the week before). Apparently the theory that pineapple helps thin your cervix is not true… not a single nurse or doctor in the room had ever heard that theory. Basically all that pineapple did was give me mouth sores and an embarrassing story.

11:05 I started to push

11:13 pm. Sweet little Emma Fae Weisser made her grand (and dramatic) entrance into the world with her head FULL of dark hair and her brother’s face.

Almost a month later and we are still smitten by her. I will admit, when I found out we were having a girl I was a little disappointed (sorry Emma girl). My world was so used to boys, I wasn’t sure if being a girl mom was my thing. But boy, did God know that my heart needed her. I could just stare at her all day. They say that little boys love their mamas more (and I firmly believe that #raisingtwomamasboys), but oh, how I love this little girl already. I am already looking forward to all of the sweet milestones we can share together. The Lord knew our family needed little miss Emma in it. And, thank you, Amy, for talking me out of getting my tubes tied- my heart would have never known this love. She makes me want to have 1,000 more just like her, even in spite of all of the drama and complications that lead up to her arrival. Special thank you to Hannah Wade Photography for our AMAZING newborn photos!!!

200 of the injections from this pregnancy. Just some of the hard work that lead to this little lady.

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