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Is Birth Photography for You? | Jemma's Birth and Newborn Sessions

I am met with a lot of hesitation when families inquire about birth photography- especially for first time moms. They know how special the moment is to document but the lack of experience with birth can sometimes make the decision extremely difficult. If you are on the fence about birth photography this is for you: Emotional Documentation:

Birth is a profoundly emotional and transformative experience. Having a birth photographer/videographer present allows you to document the raw and authentic emotions surrounding the birth process. From the initial moments of anticipation to the intensity of childbirth to the joy of meeting your newborn for the first time, I'm there to capture the emotional journey in a way that memories alone cannot convey. Memories to Cherish:

Birth photography provides a tangible and visual way to cherish and relive the moments of your child's arrival. The images and videos captured during birth can become cherished keepsakes, allowing you to revisit the details and emotions of that special day. As time passes, these visual memories become an invaluable part of your family's history, providing a connection to the unique story of your child's birth.

Inclusion of Partners and Support Team:

One of my most favorite elements of birth photography is the opportunity to document the entire family. When a birth photographer isn't present, usually someone is responsible for taking photos (if any photos are taken at all). This way everyone can focus on the moment; mom can soak in all of the emotions, dad can be the support and I can be the one in charge of documenting it all. I love being able to capture the reactions, expressions, and support offered by loved ones during the birth process. This inclusive approach ensures that the entire story of your child's arrival is told, creating a comprehensive and meaningful visual narrative. Audra's Birth Photography Experience with Hello Jude "Wow! I do not have enough words to explain how wonderful Bailey of Hello Jude Photography was during our birth and newborn photos. First, I booked her for birth photography/videography. She was so adept at making me feel comfortable during one of the most vulnerable times of my life. Not only did she capture the raw, beautiful moments of my husband and I becoming parents, she was there to offer a hand during labor. If I needed help with a position change, or a moment to myself, she was more than ready to accommodate. She literally slept on the floor of the hospital room; she was so dedicated. My mom called her an angel. Bailey has the ability to pick up on her clients emotions and respond appropriately to help meet their needs."

Jemma's Birth Story

My first time meeting Audra and Wiley was when I stepped into room 105 to document their birth. Audra, Wiley and I had been communicating prior to the meeting with regular updates and check ins, but this was the first time either of us had personally seen one another face to face. I received the call that evening around 6pm during dinner that Audra was progressing well and was at 6cm. She he gone in for an induction the day before since surpassing her 40 week mark but was opting for as little intervention as possible. When I arrived she was sitting on a birthing ball with Wiley on one side and her doula on the other. Neither Wiley nor Audra knew the gender of their baby and I was beside myself with anticipation (as I'm sure they were as well) to find out the gender of their baby.

After pacing the halls and trying some new positions, Audra's contractions slowed down a bit and we discovered she had halted in dilation. It was getting late and both Audra and Wiley were spent, so they decided to try and get some rest. The doula and I stepped out for a bit to let them rest and try to relax. There was much anticipation for their sweet baby to arrive and I could sense a bit of defeat that things were not progressing quickly. That night as we waited for their little one, Audra opted to get an epidural to help her relax a bit and aid in some relief so she could get some much needed and deserved rest. During those late night/early morning hours I hunkered down on the hospital room floor capturing moments in between heavy eyes as we all rested and waited in great anticipation.The next morning the mid-wife came in and gave the suggestion to break her water to encourage things to move a little faster and they started to pick up! Within a few hours Audra was ready to push and a little after noon their baby girl was born!

Jemma's Birth Story Video

Jemma's Newborn Session A few weeks after her big debut, The Helm family of three joined me in the studio to celebrate with newborn photos. It was so amazing to see how much her little face had changed in those few weeks between seeing them. Another great reason to document birth and newborn photos is because of how quickly babies change within the first few days, weeks, and month.

Audra's Newborn Session Experience

"Second, my new little family had newborn photos taken. I showed up bared-faced and in leggings. Bailey provided the wardrobe for my family so that I didn’t have to think about putting together outfits for the shoot. She had Kelly ready to do my hair and makeup. I felt pampered, and I didn’t have to plan anything other than showing up at the time we decided upon, which was awesome during the hazy, sleep-deprived newborn days. Again, she made my husband and I feel comfortable, and none of the poses felt contrived or unnatural. She was quick and efficient in getting our photos and video back to us. One thing that meant the world to me is she asked if she could pray for us before we left our newborn session. In addition, she has resources for aspiring photographers. If you are in need of family photos, or would like to learn about setting up your own photography business, I highly suggest looking into Hello Jude photography!"

If you love these photos, and you are looking for North Georgia Milestone Photography I would love connect with you to begin planning your session.

I know that the options can feel overwhelming as you search for the perfect fit for your milestone and family photos. I want to provide as much help as possible.

If you would like to reserve your maternity, newborn, or family photos, in my Demorest studio, outdoors in North Georgia, or inside your own home- you can contact me here

Hello Jude Photography provides newborn photography in North Georgia for busy moms who want a stress-free and luxury portrait experience. Also offering maternity, family, and baby photography, our studio is located in the heart of Clarkesville, between Clayton and Gainesville. We serve families in Habersham, White, Stephens, Hall, Rabun, Banks, Jackson, Gwinnett, Forsyth, and Dekalb Counties, and all throughout the North Georgia region.

We offer a high-end, full service experience including a pre-session consultation, exclusive access to the carefully curated Studio Wardrobe and cozy bright and airy studio space, a beautiful gallery of story-telling images, and an array of family heirlooms such as albums, prints, custom framing and more to pass down to your children. If you are searching for the perfect maternity, birth, newborn or family portrait photographer near Clarkesville and are wanting to create heirlooms for your family, we can’t wait to serve you.


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