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North Georgia Braselton Birth Photography and Videography | Liam's Birth Story

When a family walks through an unimaginable journey like delivering a sleeping baby, anytime a new pregnancy occurs there is a lot of fear, hesitation, and caution surrounding the future.

When Loss is Part of Your Story In 2021 Natalie was 17 weeks pregnant and was only measuring around 14 weeks. Their daughter Everleigh had fluid behind her head called “cystic groma” and her skin was inflamed called “edema” This was news no parent wants to hear. They were given options to do genetic testing or amniocentesis to see what it could potentially be. They chose to do genetic testing since amniocentesis has a risk of causing a miscarriage. One test came back positive that she had a missing chromosome resulting in the diagnosis of Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder in which a female is born with only one X chromosome. Those with Turner Syndrome tend to be shorter than most average women and have shorter necks due to developmental delays caused by the missing chromosome. At the time, Natalie and Josh had no idea what it was and had never heard of it before. After doing more research, they were very accepting of the diagnosis and knew they would do everything they had to do to take the best care of Everleigh no matter what. Natalie kept thinking the doctor was wrong and that the test was wrong because of so many stories of individuals that were told something similar but ended up having a healthy baby with no defects. Natalie told herself God is going to take care of them and He was going to ultimately heal Everleigh if she was suffering in her womb. As soon as she was told something was wrong, she tried to stay as positive as she could. Early in her second trimester she started bleeding, so she scheduled an appointment to see the doctor. On her way to the doctor on December 6th, as she was turning into the doctor’s office, the song “Sons and Daughters” by Brett Stanfill came on. The lyrics “We are the sons, we are the daughters of God, No matter where we go, we’re close to the Father’s heart.” She felt as if God was telling her right then, He already had Everleigh up there with Him. And she was right- as soon as the ultrasound tech put the doppler on and she could see her on the screen, she knew something was different. Natalie delivered Everleigh on December 8th at 17 weeks pregnant. A Birth Story of Redemption

When Natalie reached out to me in 2022 and told me she was pregnant, she filled me in on their story of loss. My heart immediately broke for their family. Having walked through 3 miscarriages and never getting to meet my babies or hold them, I could only imagine that it must feel like to have carried a baby for a third of your pregnancy only to meet them already gone. I could sense her fears and caution in our conversations. When I met them for her maternity session I could tell that she was guarded and holding on to a glimmer of hope that everything would be okay with their little guy. When it came time for her delivery, she was admitted into the hospital because of high blood pressure. She was admitted on November 1st and they started the induction process and waited in anticipation to meet their baby boy. On November 2nd we communicated back and forth and it seemed as if things were progressing slowly but she would likely deliver that day! Another day passed and November 3rd came. For sure a baby would be born today! I couldn’t imagine how exhausted (and hungry) she must be. Not to mention her fears and worries filling her heart and mind- I knew she couldn’t wait to hold that sweet boy and for everything to be alright.

When Your Birth Doesn’t Go According to Plan That evening I decided to head towards the hospital in Braselton. While I was on my way there she let me know that they were likely going to have to go in for a C-Section since she stopped dilating and her contractions were spacing further apart. When I arrived at the hospital and made my way up to the Labor and Delivery unit, Natalie’s mom was in the room with her and Josh. They were sitting talking between her contractions which seemed to come sporadically. About an hour later the doctor came in and let Natalie know that it was probably best to move forward with a C-Section. A birthday party was still going to happen, just in a different way than planned. I could tell Natalie was scared and filled with uncertainty, but luckily for her, her RN that day was one of her great friends Julia. Julia filled her with confidence and walked her through every step of what she would see, hear, feel, and even smell in the OR. I could see a wave of relief wash over Natalie and Josh's face (even though a little shock and nerves were still settling). They knew the end was in sight and they were about to meet their rainbow baby.

Per hospital policy in Braselton, I wasn’t allowed back in the OR, but I was able to meet them back in recovery and meet their little boy Liam. The joy in the room was palpable. It felt as if after the past 10 months Natalie and Josh could finally breathe and enjoy the incredible gift of their little boy’s life and health. Being able to photograph their story is one I will never forget. The love of these parents is so strong. They would do absolutely anything in the world for this sweet boy. When Josh’s mom and sister and Natalie’s mom come back to meet Liam for the first time, he was wearing a onesie that Josh made. It read “Handpicked for earth by my Big Sister in Heaven”. Not a dry eye in the room- a true testimony that great joy and grief can coexist in the same moment. Welcome to the world Liam Everett, the world is a better place with you in it!

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