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The Nesting Shower: A Modern Twist on Celebrating Motherhood

Pregnant mom laying on the ground with dad's hand on her belly

Baby showers are an amazing way to celebrate the anticipation of a new baby! Gathering with your friends and family, enjoying a meal or sweet treats, sharing baby stories, and opening gifts adds to the excitement of the new season. Another new and fun way to celebrate (and prepare) in anticipation for a new bundle of joy is with a nesting shower! While traditional baby showers have long been cherished events for expecting parents, nesting showers offer a unique and contemporary approach to honoring the journey into motherhood.

What is a Nesting Shower?

Nesting showers, as the name suggests, focus on the concept of "nesting" – the instinctive urge to prepare one's home and environment for the arrival of a new baby. Unlike traditional baby showers, which primarily revolve around showering the expectant parents with gifts for the baby, nesting showers are centered on preparing the home for the newest addition to the family. These are great for not only first time moms, but moms with other children and therefore many not need an abundance of baby items.

The Essence of Nesting Showers

At the heart of nesting showers is the celebration of nesting instincts and the transition into motherhood. Rather than solely focusing on gifts for the baby, nesting showers embrace a broader spectrum of activities and gestures aimed at supporting the expectant parents as they ready their nest for the impending arrival.

Things you can do during your nesting shower

  1. Organizing closets

  2. Washing, folding and organizing baby clothes

  3. Helping finish setting up the nursery

  4. Meal prepping

  5. Bottle sanitizing

  6. Packing the hospital bag

  7. Writing birth affirmation cards

  8. Cleaning out the car and installing the car seat

  9. Making hospital nurse gifts

  10. Sorting through diaper sizes

  11. Scrubbing bathrooms or baseboards (anything that the mom to be can't quite reach)

Planning a Nesting Shower

Whether it's gathering around to assemble furniture, sharing heartfelt advice, or simply basking in the anticipation of the little one's arrival, nesting showers bring people together in a meaningful way, fostering bonds that extend far beyond the confines of a single event.

In a world where the pace of life often feels frenetic, nesting showers remind us to slow down, savor the present moment, and revel in the beauty of building a cozy nest where love, warmth, and cherished memories will abound for years to come.

Curate the guest list: It’s best to keep nesting parties small and intimate to limit the number of cooks in the kitchen. Only invite close friends and family you feel comfortable with and trust.

Prepare a list of tasks beforehand: A prepared list helps keep the party organized and efficient. To ensure all the tasks get done, keep this list to stuff that’s achievable within the time frame of the party. When guests arrive you can have the tasks on different cards and divvy them out for everyone to work on.

Lean into individual strengths: If you have any friends that are master organizers, ask them for their tips on how to arrange the nursery. Have a friend who loves being in the kitchen? Ask her to help with meal prepping.

Delegate: While you can ask guests if they have preferences, don’t be afraid to assign tasks to keep things moving. Delegation will depend on the types of tasks on your list; you may consider splitting up larger items among a pair or a group of people.

Have fun and bond: Although the goal of a nesting party is to accomplish a lot of prep work, it’s also a moment to celebrate this stage of your pregnancy journey. Have some snacks, fun music, or chick flicks playing in the background while you work! I so wish nesting showers were around when I was expecting my four kids. As an "acts of service" love language receiver this would have been my absolute dream! What do you think? Are nesting showers something you would enjoy as an expecting mama?

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