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Habersham C-Section Birth Photography | Miles' Birth Story

This delivery was truly a mountaintop experience. No really, I was on top of a mountain when I got the call that Cari was going in for delivery. Every Thanksgiving morning our family likes to go on a hike before we consume an ungodly amount of delicious food. This particular Thanksgiving day had a different ending though. Cari texted me mid-morning while we were hiking up to let me know she was in the ER for symptoms of Bell’s Palsy and they were likely going to push her scheduled C-section up to that evening. As we made our way down the mountain about an hour later I got a text that they were going to go ahead and prep her for her c-section. It was GO TIME! We rushed down to the car and headed from Toccoa to home where I snatched up my camera equipment and bolted out the door. It honestly felt like a scene from a movie when the wife tells the husband “It’s time” and he panic packs and runs out the door. When I pulled into the hospital parking lot I did not pass go, I did not collect $200, I ran straight to the Labor and Delivery door and made it just in the nick of time to gown up and head back to the OR. Having never been part of a C-section myself I was so mesmerized with the entire process. It was a magical feeling to be able to not only be in the room, but to document the entire thing! Once Miles was born he was handed to Jordyn, the Labor and Delivery nurse (whom I have now done several deliveries with). After a little respiratory assistance, Miles was headed back to the room with dad while they finished up with mama. Normally with deliveries the majority of the time after birth is spent photographing mom and baby, so this was a new experience for me where dad was first with the baby. Dad was so smiley and excited to finally have a son after having two daughters. I could instantly see how his little guy favored some of his dad’s features just from those very first moments. The way they locked eyes and how Miles latched onto dad's finger was a great foreshadowing of the type of bond these two will have as Miles continues to grow. When mama got back to the room and started to reorient herself a bit she immediately asked for some skin to skin time. Once baby boy was reunited with mama his breathing steadied and he nuzzled into to his safe place.

Miles Asher Watts-Savage, came into the world on Thanksgiving day, November 24th, at 2:32pm.

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We offer a high-end, full service experience including a pre-session consultation, exclusive access to the carefully curated Studio Wardrobe and cozy bright and airy studio space, a beautiful gallery of story-telling images, and an array of family heirlooms such as albums, prints, custom framing and more to pass down to your children. If you are searching for the perfect maternity, birth, newborn or family portrait photographer near Clarkesville and are wanting to create heirlooms for your family, we can’t wait to serve you.


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