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Saving Your Sanity One Mom Hack at a Time

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Alright, we’ve all seen the TikToks or Instagram reels with the audio that says “Show me the life hack that has subconsciously changed your life forever”. This blog is a compilation of all the mom hacks that I’ve discovered over the years and LOVE. I hope that you can find something helpful here!

  1. Kitchen scissors and a pizza cutter make the best kitchen tools for cutting up your toddler's food. It is SO simple and SO handy!

  2. The Time Timer is my favorite tool in our home. It is basically a countdown timer that is visual for little ones who cannot tell time yet. We use this timer for screen time, timeouts, you name it!

  3. Muffin tin snack times- Fill each compartment of a muffin tin with a different snacky treat and it’s basically a kid-friendly charcuterie tray! My kids BEG for a snack tray and it is a great way to get rid of a lot of the snacks you just have a little bit left of.

  4. School Prep the night before- Having things done to help our mornings go smoother is a game-changer. Setting out clothes the night before, making our lunch and putting it in the fridge, filling up our water cups, etc.

  5. Start dinner prep during nap time if possible.

  6. Pull out meat from the freezer to the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner while you clean up from tonight’s dinner.

  7. Only buy one color of socks.

  8. Also… only buy one color of dinner plates.

  9. Do a load of laundry every night. Yep, I said it.

  10. Have a basket or bin in your trunk with all the sports gear/dance bags etc.

  11. Zipper pajamas for all you newborn mamas.

  12. Put a glow stick in the bottom of a trash can if you have little ones that have a tummy bug. This is great for nighttime when they feel sick and can see where to puke.

  13. Have a little one who gets a little touch happy on your phone or Ipad and changes/pauses the movie constantly and then gets frustrated? Guided Access will be your best friend. Google how to set it up on your particular device.

  14. Hide medicine in an applesauce pouch or Capri Sun!

  15. Roll the onesie up over your baby’s arms for easier diaper changes. No flailing arms!

  16. Keep something handy nearby for diaper changes to entertain your baby as they get a little older (a toy, Tupperware container, remote with no batteries, etc.)

  17. Keep a full outfit in a plastic baggie in your diaper bag for easy finding if there is a blowout.

  18. Store pumped breast milk laying flat so that you can utilize more freezer space.

  19. Put water in a pacifier and freeze it for instant teething relief- Or use breastmilk and a mesh teether for a little breastmilk popsicle

  20. Freeze a juice box and use it as a cold pack for your kid's lunch.

  21. Designate a basket in your living room to put “out of place” items in throughout the day and at the end of the day put them away.

  22. Disinfect plastic toys in the dishwasher.

  23. Bring along a little potty if you are going on a long drive/road trip (especially in those early potty training years).

  24. If your child is on antibiotics, create a chart on the bottle with a sharpie to write down the date and/or time they took the medication last.

  25. Store hot water in a YETI to warm bottles on the go.

I hope some of these tricks make your momming life just a little bit more sane!


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