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The 10 Things Keeping Me Going this Season

I was inspired by Nancy Ray to sit down and write out 10 things that are keeping me going this season. It is all too easy to focus on and get caught up on the things that are depleting, but instead I’m turning my attention to the little things that bring a little brightness and sanity to my life.

1. My calendar- Owning a business and working full time, having kids in school and sports, and being involved in so many different things means that having all of the things in one place is a must. Sure Google Calendar is great, but for me having a tangible version of my schedule and my responsibilities makes me feel like I have my head on a little tighter.

2. A journal- sitting down in the mornings and starting my day off with some time with the Lord sets the tone for my day. I love writing prayers down so that I can go back months or years later and see how the Lord was at work in my prayers.

3. Onn (airpod dupe) headphones- Love these little guys! They look just like airpods, but they are a fraction of the price. I don’t trust myself (or my kids) to keep track of such expensive earphones, so these are a great wireless alternative! I think I got them from Walmart for under $20. I actually bought a second pair (one to keep in the house, and one to keep in my car for when I go to the gym or on walks).

4. My crockpot- On busy evenings, having dinner waiting for me feels like I earned a gold medal. I have never been a huge fan of crockpot meals in general, but with soup season approaching I know that I will be using it more and more than I already do!

5. Blue light glasses- With spending so much time behind a screen I’ve noticed a huge spike in headaches. I decided to start religiously wearing blue light glasses a few weeks ago to help reduce that, and I’ve seen a big decrease in my headaches!

6. My kids’ Yeti water bottles- I feel like my kids are always asking for water. They typically pick up a new cup each time and it drives me insane!!! Because of that, for Christmas I bought all the kids a nice Yeti water bottle and that is their own special color. Since then that water bottle is now their one and only that they are allowed to use for water. It keeps the water nice and cold, and it has a handle they can carry it with. It also is leakproof so that I don’t have to worry about it spilling everywhere!

7. The Libby App- A friend told me about this free library app that you can connect your library card to. Ever since I downloaded the app, I’ve used it to download audiobooks to listen to when I go to the gym or when I am cleaning the house. It is a free and simple way to get books!

8. Baskets- I am all about organization and everything having a place. My house is full of different baskets and containers. Even if things are just thrown in the basket, it makes me feel a little more sane when things are off the floor and off the countertops!

9. Canva- I first laughed at the idea of using Canva in my business since I’m pretty darn proficient in Photoshop and Indesign, but HOLY COW! I cannot go a day without using it now. I use it for all my graphics, reels, marketing, everything!

10. Grocery Pickup- I try my best to use grocery pickup from Walmart every week or every other week. It is free, saves so much time and hassle from having to bring all the kids to the store, and actually helps me stay on budget!

There you have it. My ten lifesavers right now. I hope this fun little blog inspires you to create your own list!

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