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Weisser December Update + My 2022 Q1 Goals

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The Holidays are now over and a new year has arrived. December was full of celebrations, time with family, and change for us.

What we did last month
  1. Knox turned 4 and we had a joint birthday party for the boys the beginning of the month

  2. Ryder and Jolly ( our Christmas Elves returned!) If you know me you know that I absolutely love this time of year where Christmas magic is alive in our home.

  3. Millie turned 4 months old and started to develop such a fun personality

  4. A lot of time in the studio with my amazing assistant Ellie to package Christmas gifts for clients (again, another favorite part of the year for me)

  5. We celebrated Christmas with good friends

  6. Nate got a truck and started his new job as the Facilities Director and Serve the World Director at our church (the church we have been attending for 10+ years and I used to work at before beginning Hello Jude.

  7. My parents visited and spent their first Christmas with us at our home. It was so fun to be able to play Santa together with them and see their faces as they watched our kid's open gifts.

  8. Jude and Knox got bikes for Christmas and are slowly learning to ride.

  9. I wrapped up my 4 month social media sabbatical on the last day of the year.

Things that December has taught me.

Time goes by way too fast. It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating our first Christmas with Jude as a baby and slowly we have grown our family.

Christmas time is more and more fun as each child gets a little older. I am already grieving what it might look like in a few years when the magic has faded and they are TOO old for the traditions we have though.

What I read last month

A little bit of a few things but honestly not a whole lot. Giving myself grace on the lack of reading for December.

My Quarter 1 Goals 2022

Business Goals

-Launch something I've been working on the last 4 months in March (don't worry it's about to be announced)

-Build back my savings reserve from Maternity Leave and Covid

-Consistently continue to blog 2x a week

-Email Newsletter 2x/month

-Serve 7 families/ month

Personal Goals

-Complete a 3-month contentment challenge with no unnecessary spending

-Challenge myself in the kitchen more to have less waste when cooking

-1 declutter/ donation run for the quarter

-read 2 chapter books aloud to the boys/ month

- read 1 book a month myself

-finish paying off my student loan

-begin the 100 envelope savings challenge

-make a decision for Jude's schooling for next year by March

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