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Weisser November Update

November has come to an end and what a full month it was. I wrapped up my career as a full-time wedding photographer this month with my last 3 weddings, took our first road trip with baby Millie to Florida for Thanksgiving, celebrated Nate's big 3-0 and SO MUCH more!

What we did this month
  1. Judes final soccer game

  2. Our first road trip with Millie- my family got to meet her for the first time

  3. The Weisser road project was completed

  4. Nate's sister came for a visit

  5. My final 3 weddings! Bittersweet for sure.

  6. Cooked TWO Thanksgiving dinners

  7. Started our Christmas festivities- finally got around to decorating the house yesterday!

  8. The dance studios Fall Concert

  9. Friday Night movie nights- each week the boys take turns pulling an envelope that has a Disney movie listed inside. The movie they pull is the one that we watch and I try to make a fun, themed dinner to go with the movie. November included 101 Dalmations, , Ratatouille, and Mulan.

  10. Celebrated Jude's 6th birthday and Nate's 30th

  11. Our fall family photos with my dear friend Courtney Cain Photography (you can see them below!)

Things that November has taught me.

November was filled with lots of prayer for our family- decisions, next steps, and the Lord's guidance. Some big and exciting new adventures are on the horizon. This month also went extremely quickly. It seems like this time of year the months get shorter and shorter even though the days seem extremely long with the time change.

What I read this month

A great short read for anyone who is looking to improve their prayer life for their children!

Things I would like to do this month

  • Read Tech Wise Family

  • Weekend adventures with my family

  • Boys birthday party

  • Celebrate Christmas

  • Daily Elf on the shelf goodness

  • Goal setting and dreaming for 2022

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