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Why I'm Taking 4 Months off Social Media

I have made the decision to take four months off of social media. As soon as baby number four makes her appearance, I'm going to be spending time with my family and friends in real life, being present, and free myself from the obligation to post or share anything for four whole months. This decision has come with a lot of thought and wrestling. Asking hard questions and praying for clarity. Here are just a few reasons why I've decided to put social media aside for this next season.

1. I realize that this season is precious and fleeting. After going through the newborn phase 3 times now, I've quickly begun to understand how fast time flies. I want to be able to spend every moment fully present with my family. It is all too tempting to sit and hold a new sleeping baby and scroll Instagram (believe me, I've done it 3 times already). Instead, I want to truly soak up every snuggle, coo, baby smell, and be fully present with Millie and the rest of my crew.

2. I now know my "baby blues" rolls in between months 2-4. After all three of my babies, I have experienced a big rollercoaster of emotions and hormones. Emma was by far the hardest (probably also due to the fact that a worldwide pandemic and quarantine was put into play the day she turned 6 months old). I would find myself scrolling Instagram at all times of day and wasting a lot of time on it. Instead of facing my own emotions, I grew a habit of picking up my phone to "escape". Instead of praying, slowing down, or doing something productive I would turn to my phone. Social media is also a place full of comparison, and when you are in the thick of heavy emotions, it can add a lot of extra pressure and burden to your heart (or at least for me).

3. I want to spend this season realigning my focus on the Lord. I want to spend more time reading, worshiping, studying, and resting in the presence of God. When things feel slow, I want my children to see me reach for a book or my Bible instead of my phone or Ipad. 4. I don't want to regret being on my phone too much and missing out on potentially sweet moments with my family. I don't want to be so distracted by what is going on through social media that I miss what is going on right in front of me.

5. Instagram has changed so much over the last few months and I honestly don't think I'll have the energy or capacity to create new content and videos daily like the algorithm is saying. So, in light of that, I am giving myself grace and a free pass from the pressure of creating or posting for this season.

6. I am refusing to believe the lie that I need Instagram to have a successful business. I will admit- a lot of my business is generated from social media, so this is going to be major testing of my faith. I am choosing to trust in God's provision for this next season and relying on Him to bring clients into my studio doors (and the referrals of my amazing clients).

So, What will I be doing instead?

  1. Loving on my sweet new baby girl

  2. Taking care of my kids and my home

  3. Adopting new rhythms as a mom of 4

  4. Serving my photography clients in the studio

  5. Wrapping up my season as a wedding photographer

  6. Blogging

  7. Sending Bi-Weekly Email List Newsletter updates- If you aren't already subscribed, you can do so HERE

"We only get one life to live. Wouldn't it be better spent enjoying and serving the world God made rather than a glowing screen" - Andy Crouch
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