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5 Ways to Help You Relax During Your Session

1. Release Control and Expectations

This number one is probably the most challenging but the most beneficial thing that you can do in preparation for a session. I know it feels impossible (at least for me) to relinquish control and allow my kids to just be kids when we are trying to do something serious. Believe me- allowing your children to play and have fun during your session will be SO worth it. I know you are craving that “picture-perfect family” portrait (and we will get that too, don’t worry), but trust me when I say that leaving your expectations in the car will make your session run so much smoother.

2. Allow me to take care of the details

Maybe the details of choosing outfits for your family is the biggest stressor for you. The good news is that I have you taken care of through the client closet. My heart for you, mama, is that there would be nothing hindering you from capturing these memories with your little ones. So, the excuse of not knowing what to wear or wanting to coordinate outfits is no longer a limitation! You are not confined to the wardrobe, but it is absolutely a tool accessible to all my clients if they would enjoy using it.

Every piece in the wardrobe is intentionally curated with 3 things in mind. 1. Will it photograph well? 2. Will it fit moms of all shapes and sizes and styles (especially maternity/postpartum)? and 3. Will it be a timeless look as trends come and go?

From petite to plus size mamas and dads, babies newborn through children size 5, the whole family is taken care of! The wardrobe consists of over 75 dresses for mamas alone!

3. Choose a location that will work for your family best

  • Studio Session- Studio sessions are a great option if you want a beautifully simple timeless feel to your session. The all-white studio creates an environment that creates beautiful images without distraction. This is great because you will receive images that will never go out of style. They will look amazing on your walls, no matter the decor in your home. The studio also is a great option for winter months or summer months when the weather is unpredictable or a little less enjoyable. Another amazing perk is the ability to have a bit more flexibility regarding the time of day we have our session since the natural light pours through the studio the entire day.

  • In-Home Session- An in-home session is a great environment for lifestyle sessions. These are most popular among families who are welcoming a newborn into their family and don’t want to have to travel to the studio for their newborn photos. Having a session in your home allows you to document the season of life you are in right now in an environment that is your own. Whether it is the sweet and intentional details in the nursery or snuggling on the couch, we capture moments and details of your life that you may not even realize are happening.

  • Outdoor Session at Sunset or Sunrise – Families love outdoor sessions here in the Georgia mountains in the spring and fall when the weather is nice and the landscape is at its peak of beauty. I agree that there is nothing more beautiful than a family snuggling with the sun setting or rising behind them. There are several fields around Clarkesville, GA that we will discuss during your planning appointment. Your photos will yield soft, slightly muted earth tones that compliment your selected wardrobe but are still true to the natural environment. These sessions are great for capturing a lot of candid, intimate images of your family interacting and playing.

4. Unless absolutely necessary- avoid disciplining your children during the session.

I know sometimes this in inevitable, but there is nothing more guaranteed to ruin smiling faces and create tears than spankings and timeouts during sessions. Even raising your voice at your kids and forcing them to do something they don’t want to do can create unwanted tension during your session.

5. Monkey See Monkey Do

Your kids are a lot more likely to cooperate and have a good time if they see YOU having fun and smiling. If you want your kids to laugh, laugh. If you want them to smile, smile. When it is time to play games or engage together, go all in! I like to tell people that family sessions are an adventurous playdate in fancy clothes! Enjoy yourself and your kids will have fun with you too!

Hello Jude Photography provides newborn photography in North Georgia for busy moms who want a stress-free and luxury portrait experience. Also offering maternity, family, and baby photography, our studio is located in the heart of Clarkesville, between Clayton and Gainesville. We serve families in Habersham, White, Stephens, Hall, Rabun, Banks, Jackson, Gwinnett, Forsyth, and Dekalb Counties, and all throughout the North Georgia region.

We offer a high-end, full service experience including a pre-session consultation, exclusive access to the carefully curated Studio Wardrobe and cozy bright and airy studio space, a beautiful gallery of story-telling images, and an array of family heirlooms such as albums, prints, custom framing and more to pass down to your children. If you are searching for the perfect maternity, birth, newborn or family portrait photographer near Clarkesville and are wanting to create heirlooms for your family, we can’t wait to serve you.


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